You are invited to give your opinion on the top three
most important research questions on cognition
in people with Chronic Kidney Disease.


Cognition (the ability to remember, learn new things, focus, and/or make everyday life decisions) has been identified as a top research priority for people with Chronic Kidney Disease. The aim of this survey is to find out what specific research questions about cognition are important to people living with kidney disease, their family members, as well as researchers, clinicians, and decision makers. This will help guide future research in Chronic Kidney Disease.


The questions you identify can be for any stage of Chronic Kidney Disease (non-dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease, dialysis, or transplant) or modality (peritoneal dialysis, in-centre/home hemodialysis) so please be specific with your questions. For example: What is the role of exercise in improving cognition in people who do peritoneal dialysis?


There are no right or wrong and answers. Further information can be found in the Research Participant Information and Consent Statement.


This survey is voluntary, and all responses will be kept secure; responses will be stripped of email addresses prior to analyses. Your participation will involve completing three survey rounds over the next few months in order to reach consensus. Each round will take approximately 10- 15 minutes to complete. Please complete all three rounds. All participants who complete the surveys will receive a report of the final results.

Completing the survey implies that you have consented to participate.


If you have any questions about the research now or later, please contact the Principal Investigator, Dr. Clara Bohm at or the Research Coordinator, Oksana Harasemiw at or 1-204-632-3541.


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