Earlier this year, a multidisciplinary team of 9 patients, 74 clinicians/health administrators, 5 policymakers, and 43 researchers, partnering across 13 Universities, 7 SPOR-funded entities, 6 health data organizations, 4 provincial renal agencies, 3 health charities, and 3 companies received a renewal of a CIHR SPOR Innovative Clinical Trial Multi-Year Grant.

CNTN will be supporting the activities of this grant in several ways, including posting new resources to build capacity and promote pragmatic trials in Canada.

Recently, as a part of this grant, Dr. Amit Garg, along with Drs. Merrick Zwarenstein and Ahmed Al-Jaishi spoke about pragmatic trials at the NIH Collaboratory’s Rethinking Clinical Trials Grand Rounds. During their presentation, they discussed some of the defining differences between pragmatic and explanatory trials using an ongoing hemodialysis temperature trial (MyTEMP) as an example.

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