The CNTN will now include 3 working committees – Capacity Building, Communication and Engagement, and Scientific Operations

Based on the outcome of the visioning workshop in September 2018, these new committees have been formed. There will continue to be an Executive Committee, which will consist of the co-chairs of each working committee, along with 6 members at large, a Can-SOLVE CKD Leadership representative, an Indigenous Peoples Research and Engagement Council representative and the CNTN Project Coordinator. The Executive Committee co-chairs will be responsible for reporting to the Can-SOLVE CKD Steering Committee.

We have received a number of expressions of interest to take on leadership roles within the new structure of the CNTN. These have been carefully reviewed and vetted by the Can-SOLVE CKD leadership team, taking into account the need for a representative executive committee, inclusive of patient partners. The leadership team considered skill sets, experience, diversity and competing commitments and is pleased to announce the new committee roles.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the current members of the CNTN Executive Committee, who have led CNTN through this period of transition. We are grateful for your time and guidance in moving CNTN forward.

Scientific Operations Committee

  • Karthik Tennankore (Researcher co-chair)
  • Hans Vorster (Patient Partner co-chair)
  • William Beaubien-Souligny
  • Clara Bohm
  • Catherine Clase
  • David Collister
  • Anne MacPhee (Patient Partner)
  • Nigar Sekercioglu
  • Rita Suri
  • Angela Tellez (Patient Partner)

Capacity Building Committee

  • Sam Silver (Research co-chair)
  • Dwight Sparkes (Patient Partner co-chair)
  • Melissa Schorr
  • Nigar Sekercioglu
  • Angela Tellez (Patient Partner)
  • LeeAnne Tibbles
  • Hans Vorster (Patient Partner)

Communications and Engagement Committee

  • Amber Molnar (Researcher co-chair)
  • Gurvir Thind (Research Assistant at St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver co-chair)
  • Bhanu Prasad
  • Nigar Sekercioglu
  • Mary Beaucage

Executive Committee

  • Clara Bohm
  • David Collister
  • Francois Madore
  • Amber Molnar
  • Sam Silver
  • Dwight Sparkes
  • Rita Suri
  • Karthik Tennankore
  • Gurvir Thind
  • Hans Vorster
  • Mike Zappitelli
  • Indigenous Peoples’ Engagement and Research Council representative – TBA
  • Can-SOLVE CKD Leadership Team representative (ex-officio)
  • Alicia Murdoch, CNTN Project Coordinator (ex-officio)