Thank you to all who attended our meeting in Washington on November 6; it was a great event with lots of discussion!

There were presentations on upcoming trials from Dr. Bhanu Prasad, Dr. David Collister and Dr. Clara Bohm. We were also pleased to have two international researchers present their current work, Dr. Germaine Wong from Australia and Dr. Fergus Caskey from the UK.

There were also updates presented regarding ongoing projects with Dr. Michael Walsh, Dr. Amit Garg and Dr. Ron Wald.

The next meeting will take place in May 2020 at the CSN annual meeting being held this year in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Meeting details will be shared in the new year.

Below is the full listing of the trial names and investigators, in the order in which they were presented.

Pragmatic Randomized Trial of High Or Standard PHosphAte Targets in End-stage Kidney Disease (PHOSPHATE) – Update presented by Dr. Karthik Tennankore for Dr. Ron Wald

Registry of persons with kidney disease Considering participating in Research Database (RECORD) – Update presented by Dr. Karthik Tennankore for Dr. Michael Walsh

Dialysate Magnesium Trial (Dial Mg) – Update presented by Mr. Hans Vorster on behalf of the Dial Mg trial team

Renal Denervation (RDN) versus sham in patients with Loin Pain Hematuria Syndrome (LPHS) presented by Dr. Bhanu Prasad

Early integrated specialty palliative care in dialysis: A pilot cluster randomized controlled trial presented by Dr. David Collister

Hubs of care: Improving Communication and Individualization in in-centre HD Care presented by Dr. Clara Bohm

NAVKIDS program presented by Dr. Germaine Wong from Sydney, Australia

Prepare for Kidney Care (prepare for dialysis versus prepare for conservative care) presented by Dr. Fergus Caskey from Bristol, UK

Dr. David Collister presenting his trial