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Latest Publications

Listed below is a recent publication by our network members, with committee members in italics.

Can J Kidney Health Dis., 6 May 2023

Rémi GoupiAnnie-Claire Nadeau-FredetteBhanu PrasadGregory L. HundemerRita S. SuriWilliam Beaubien-Souligny, and Mohsen Agharazii


Our Mission

To enhance the researcher's ability to conduct multi-centre trials to increase the knowledge base of chronic kidney disease (CKD) and incite change in patient care based on patient priorities through increased peer review, engagement and training.

Scientific Operations Committee

This committee primarily conducts peer review of investigator initiated research proposals brought forward by network members. They host bi-annual in-person meetings to discuss upcoming research proposals and are developing various types of pre- and post-review supports for investigators to increase the quality and quantity of research in Canada.

Capacity Building Committee

This committee aims to increase the number of people trained to conduct clinical trials in Canada by highlighting training resources, developing a mentorship program, encouraging more sites to participate in research and increasing the number of research ideas or questions developed by both patients and physicians.

Communications and Engagement Committee

This committee aims to recruit new patient partners, researchers and clinicians to the network and facilitate more collaboration with academic and non-academic sites across Canada. They are also developing a communications strategy to increase the exposure of the network in the Canadian and international research arena.

Why Join CNTN?

Help Increase Kidney-focused
Research in Canada

The CNTN can connect you with other researchers to collaborate with on projects and give thoughtful review of your proposal. The CNTN is expanding to help researchers conduct innovative research by helping them:

  • With pre- and post-review assistance
  • Find training opportunities for themselves and their research staff
  • Find potential patients through advertisement through Can-SOLVE CKD’s KidneyLink

Researcher Testimonial

Listen to CNTN Nephrologist Dr. Karthik Tennankore discuss the benefit of CNTN membership and the importance of patient engagement within his research. He discusses capacity building opportunities in the network and why Researchers should get involved!


To join the CNTN as a Researcher follow the link.

Patient Partners,
Why Participate in Clinical Trials?

Help Researchers Find
Better Treatments

As a study participant, you will be helping researchers understand your disease and test new treatments.

Help Researchers Determine What Should be Studied

As a patient partner, you can work with researchers and study team members to give the patient perspective on proposed studies and tell researchers what the research priorities are for patients.

Patient Partner Testimonial

Listen to CNTN Patient Partner Nancy Verdin, who sits on the Scientific Operations Committee, discuss her role in the network and why Patient Partners should get involved!



To join the CNTN as a Patient Partner and have your voice heard, follow the link.